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Through our Pay on Performance System we only get paid when you are in a Call with your Dream Prospect . No strings attached

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First you need to schedule a call with us so we can check if your offer is qualified enough for our Service .

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In the Call you will get the Opportunity to take an exact look at the Strategy we are using for booking in 110 Meetings per Month on Average

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Once we see your offer as qualified and the Contract is signed we will Onboard you and get the first Meeting’s in with Interested Leads within 72 hours .


How does our Offer stack up against traditional agencies

Solestory Media Large Agencies
Average Investment 0$ 50-100K$
Services Full-Service Partial Service
Expertise Level High Mixed
Company Size 8 People 15 people
Sucess Guarantee 100% 30%
K $

Revenue Generated per Client


Risk Involved

Hard Workers

Solestory Media

We are dedicated to bringing our client results thats why we are only charching you per Meeting you have with your Dream Clients . That means : They are prequalified with your Qualifying Questions and are ready to buy on the Call.

Through being paid fully performance based we are making sure that you can only win through our partnership and the best you wont get charged with any stupid retainer fees.

Just book a call with us to see if we can form a strong partnership to get you a consistent flow of 20-30 Meetings per Week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay you before you book me Meetings with qualified High Ticket Clients ?

    No we work on a Pay on Performance structure so we only get paid once you are in a Meeting with a qualified High Ticket Client. No scammy 3K $ a month contract that will leap no results. If we dont bring you in results we will starve

  • Its so simple. Book a short consulation call below to see if we can bring massive value to your business. If your offer and service is qualified enough for us we will start booking you in the first calls within 72 hours

  • We have succesfully implemented our system in over 30+ coaching businesses and always got our clients 6K $+ in revenue within the first 30 Days. Why shouldnt we do the same for you ?

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